18 Minions we want in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone has been out for years, with a rich catalogue of cards. In this article, we’ve got a variety of minions we want in Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

In Heathstone Battlegrounds, the mech and demon tribes see play in every match, thanks to excellent cards like Cobalt Guardian and Floating Watcher. However, we’re a little tired of rushing the same cards every time they’re offered in the tavern. While it’s likely that Blizzard will implement new cards for this new game mode or switch some out, we’d still like some variety. This article is just for fun, and isn’t indicative of Blizzard’s plans for the game mode. It’s just minions we want to see in Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

Here are nine mechs, seven dragons, a demon, and a murloc that we’d like to see in Hearthstone Battlegrounds:

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