A Skullgirls comic is in the works at Webtoon

It’s Showtime! The stylish world of Skullgirls is getting a comic series by Webtoon, according to developer Lab Zero Games. The announcement was official at Anime Expo 2019, but they’ve confirmed the details over Twitter to the world.

It’s been a while since the initial release in 2012, but the girls enjoy a massive following. Partly due to the continued support of Lab Zero and the charming art style, another part due to its massive success as a mobile game by the same name. There’s a future beyond a comic, too: Lab Zero has promised to debut the Nintendo Switch port of the 2nd Encore full game, and the PvP functionality of the mobile version, to be playable at EVO this August. We’re looking forward to the future of the Skullgirls.

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