For fighting game fans, a breath of fresh air is coming to a familiar title: At the end of the Top 16 pools for Dragon Ball FighterZ’s World Tour Finals we were teased the first details of what’s new in season 3. While we were tipped off last month by the forthcoming arrival of Ultra Instinct Goku as the next DLC character via Shonen Jump, we’re now given footage some of the most long-requested gameplay improvements.

First and foremost, all characters will have 3 different assists! Check out that announcement:

As is the case with characters like Yamcha and Super Saiyan Goku, a good assist elevates them from middle to top tier simply because they outclass other assists. Now, we can see even characters like Krillin will be able to pick the prized beam type assists. The meta on characters sitting in the backline is going to change dramatically.

Not only assists, but new universal mechanics and character specific adjustments are coming with Season 3. We can see that a power-up state will be triggered when you are down to your last man in a heavily one-sided match, with a slick new UI accompanying the changes. Full details on this comeback mechanic will likely be revealed with the proper season 3 DLC announcement. Check out the further changes:

There are many smaller details to be spotted, such as “fuzzies” no longer breaking the guard of the big body characters! This change will change the viability of much of the main cast as well as remove some of the stigma surrounding larger characters in FighterZ. You can see a lot of the new changes compared to the trailer’s teasers in a handy comparison video by FGC mastermind Rooflemonger:

DBFZ Season 3 Trailer Breakdown - New mechanics, Systems, and Assists!

More details will likely be revealed after the Dragon Ball World Tour Finals Top 8, airing at 9 AM EST with the “special announcement” slated for 1PM EST. This article will be updated to reflect the full changes. While it’s likely we’ll also hear news of Ultra Instinct Goku for DLC and details on the above comeback mechanic it’s safe to expect the online multiplayer won’t receive major changes. If you enjoy analysis content for fighting games, go subscribe to Rooflemonger.

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