Welcome back everyone to another episode of the GOTTA BE LEGEND Podcast!

On today’s episode, podcast host ALIANZ discusses NBA Free Agency 2019 alongside special guest Junior Browne! Listen as they dissect the key free agent signings and moves in the NBA. From Knicks to Celtics, Charlotte to Philadelphia, Raptors and Lakers, we speak on it all. Listen to Episode 2: NBA Free Agency 2019 right now!

Check out Junior Browne’s work at Belly Up Sports here.

Update: Shortly after we uploaded this episode, at approximately 2:01 AM ET, it was reported that Kawhi Leonard would sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. The plot thickens some more!

Update 2: 13 minutes after the Kawhi Leonard news broke out, it was reported that Paul George would be teaming up with him in Los Angeles. The Clippers were able to fulfill a trade with Oklahoma City in order to pair the two. Unbelievable!


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