Welcome back everyone to another episode of the GOTTA BE LEGEND Podcast!

On today’s episode, ALIANZ and SHIB talk the GBL movement as a whole. We’re out in convention centers, online via streams and hosting our first giveaway on the site. On top of growing the site, we take a look at the latest in gaming.

San Diego Comic-Con left one big takeaway for Marvel fans in the leaked Avengers game play. We’ve got a few things to say and we’re equally talkative about Infinity Ward’s upcoming Modern Warfare. We continue about what we’re playing including the Gears 5 tech demo and Dota Underlords, with some overall insight on the prospects of these games. To round it out, EVO Championship Series is coming August 2nd. What does it mean for the future of the FGC? We discuss it by the numbers so far.

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