Mordhau celebrates 1 million sales, patch brings new map

Popular Steam-only Medieval big team brawler Mordhau has hit 1 million copies sold according to its developer Triternion in the announcement of a big content update bringing new weapons and a large map.

Crossroads is the new map packed with horses, the new mortar siege vehicle and a single objective in the center of the map to encourage large team play. You can check out the first screenshot below.

Gameplay updates include a dedicated throwing spear and versatile Heavy Hand Axe which doubles as a repair hammer. Contentious map pick Taiga has rebalanced spawn points and spawn protection measures are in place to prevent spawning on a trap. This is a game has a huge amount of mix and match weapons and equipments to play with, and the patch notes are long and specific because of this. Feel free to check out the Patch Notes on Steam.

This update also brings Steam Trading Cards to the game, so don’t be surprised if you get more notifications than usual after a few rounds of knight-brawling.

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