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On today’s episode, we’re playing WORLD OF WARCRAFT CLASSIC! Check out the first hour of playing an Undead in the re-release of the original World of Warcraft.

An hour amongst the undead in Tirisfal Glades

This isn’t my first time touching “vanilla” and I’ve had more hours than I’d like to admit in World of Warcraft over the years. Still, there’s something amazing and jarring about the level 1 player experience. Most MMORPGs opt to simulate the game in a walled off tutorial experience, while Azeroth’s level 1 player is dropped into the same world as everyone else with nothing to guide them save some tooltips and what the NPCs suggest you should do. Immersion was the forefront promise of the original game.

The first quest of the game was rather time consuming itself. Lots of people logging in and out of various characters to sample the experience meant the zone was crowded. In vanilla WoW, only the party members of the person who first attacked a hostile NPC got any credit for assisting the kill. This means without a party, killing 8 zombies of one kind, collecting 3 skeleton skulls, and looting bats is fighting for limited spawns with a couple dozen other players at a time.

I picked up a party along the way and got more significant progress as a result. Strength in numbers is ever more obvious than racking up quest objectives around the zone. There’s that infamous quest log with no markers showing you where the quest’s objective is. You’ll largely stumble upon the right place even by mistake because the starting zone is mostly circular with obvious paths. Just be sure to read your quest log!

If you’ve never checked out vanilla WoW or want a preview ahead of the August release, check out my play-through.

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