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With Diablo IV being officially revealed earlier this month, fans are piecing together information in order to get an understanding of its backstory. A good friend of GBL gave us some insight as to what Diablo IV might be about, referencing the Book of Cain from Diablo III.

After discussing the possibilities, we came to the conclusion that this might be the final game in the franchise unless a reboot is also part of the plan. According to the Book of Cain, Inarius and Lilith are the last two villains left. Our friend predicts that after defeating Lilith, we’re likely left to destroy Inarius, possibly part of some future DLC content. He said that these are the two most powerful entities left and that after them, only God remains.

We highly doubt Blizzard will dare center a Diablo game with God as the villain. This is why we think a reboot would make sense and is part of the plan.

Nonetheless, we found another video posted by Diablo superfan Bluddshed in which he explains in further detail what our good friend was telling us in reference to the Book of Cain. We don’t believe it contains any spoilers since we’re sure most of this will be explained at some point during the start of Diablo IV. Check out his explanation in the video below.

Who is Lilith? Diablo 4 Lore Video

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