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The video game community is a vast conglomerate of people with different tastes and opinions from all walks of life. Lately, we’ve been participating and enjoying the content being put out by a particular group of gamers. Now, one thing’s for sure, this group gamers and their opinions aren’t for the faint of heart – either roast or get roasted because only the strong will survive.

Some will defend their preferences to the point of arrogance, but for the sake of entertainment, it’s well worth it. And my goodness does it get entertaining.

You see, console wars are over 30 years in the making, and from the looks of things, it’s not going to end anytime soon. For almost 20 years, the battle for console supremacy has rested between two brands, Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. These two tech companies have brought out the best and worse of gamers with many being labeled as a “Pony” or “Xbot” due to their blind faith in a brand. This is the bread and butter of Nxtgen720’s content, and we love it.

So, what can you expect when joining one of Nxtgen720’s live streams? A whole lot of jokes and laughs along with reasonable and ludicrous opinions based on the gaming news of the day. A perfect example of this is the live stream Nxtgen720 hosted the day the review embargo for Death Stranding was lifted. It was pure gold.

Disclaimer: As we previously mentioned, Nxtgen720’s content isn’t for the faint of heart. Viewer discretion is advised.


As you can see, Nxtgen720 and The Broadband Bullies are passionate about their preferences and rightfully so. However, since their content isn’t for the feeble, things can go “left” in the blink of an eye. That’s why we enjoy the content because you just never know what you’re gonna get. The unpredictable nature of their content is what keeps you coming back for more and we hope they keep moving forward with it.


You can check out Nxtgen720 on his YouTube channel and on Twitch. Also, make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter for all his latest updates!


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