Interview: Streetwear CR

Welcome back everyone to another episode of GOTTA BE LEGEND TV.

On today’s episode, we’re joined by Gabriel and Leeren from Streetwear_CR! We had the privilege of conducting their very first interview, exclusively here at GOTTA BE LEGEND. Check out the footage so you can get to know these guys better as they share a little bit about themselves to their audience and ours!

You can follow Streetwear_CR on Instagram and place your order with them through there![/embed]

We were also able to talk with Leeren about ARI – an app that’ll help people work towards achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. We asked him a few questions about his latest project which will be on display at ExpoTec 2019 starting October 24th! We really like the idea of an app designed to unite people that share a common goal, and that is to help revitalize our planet from the destruction we’ve created.

You can follow ARI on Instagram for more information and behind the scenes footage!

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