Gotta Be Legend goes to Tico Sneaker Day

The 2nd annual Tico Sneaker Day was a beautiful experience.

Yesterday, September 28th, we attended Tico Sneaker Day for our very first time. I must admit, as a native New Yorker, seeing people gathered to celebrate urban culture and fashion in a country over 3,000 miles away is a special and endearing feeling. It goes to show you the impact Hip Hop and pop culture has had on our planet. Music truly has no barrier, unless we’re talking politics.

We got a chance to meet the two faces (Mike T. and Charlie) of Tico Sneakerhead, the brand responsible for organizing this event. Overall, our experience was positive and constructive when we chopped it up with them. Personally, I told Mike T. that being around so many people passionate about urban culture made me feel like I was back home for a moment, and that was beautiful. In addition to that, we want to give a special shoutout to Lee from Streetwear_CR. This young man is 16 years old and is currently running a boutique shop, providing his clients with products they normally wouldn’t be able to find in the country. Amazing! Also, we want to thank Lazaro (Shoe Lab) for approaching and informing us of all the new products (SBB 3.0, Bred 11, Reshoevn8r) that’ll be available at his flagship store on Avenida Central, San Jose, Costa Rica. So if you’re in the area, make sure to stop by and pay them a visit. They’ve got all the new joints to keep your game on point!

We hope to be in contact with all three parties in the near future for exclusive content and events.

By the way, we did find Reshoevn8r at the event. Our kicks have been saved!

Check out the Sneaker Museum on display at Tico Sneaker Day 2019 in 4K!



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