Every year the world’s biggest fighting game tournament ends with Street Fighter. When it wasn’t, it was still a Capcom game. I’m talking about EVO of course, and this year it’s changing that. This all begins with EVO’s CEO Joey Cuellar tweeting out a poll:

Out of the 4 games contending for prime time, a divide was created. Now that the Super Smash Bros community has rallied behind Ultimate, EVO has dropped Melee this year. This has lead to a staggering number of entrants to the singular tournament, a total of over 3500. While more traditional Fighting Game Community figureheads had an opinion: Tekken 7 was quickly becoming the highlight of fighting game tournaments. There have been some spectacular showings for the game as multiple seasons of contents expand the roster. The game’s producer Katsuhiro Harada has commented himself that Tekken only seems to grow every year. You’ll see the community’s opinion reflected in the poll, and the wish has been granted:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will close out EVO 2019. Street Fighter V has been pushed to 2nd on Sunday, and Tekken 7 will follow. It’s certainly an order with merit as Smash tournaments are notoriously long to conduct in comparison to its fellow EVO games. It’s not unlike EVO to close well after midnight in Las Vegas, and a long midday tournament has been a source of blame in the past. I’m personally very interested in seeing what the Smash competitive community has to say of the experience. It’s been a long time coming that Smash fans demand further representation within the FGC. Being the final game of EVO has always been the prestige of Capcom.

EVO 2019 begins August 2nd.

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