First Look at the Nexomon Nexopedia!

While waiting for my copy of Nexomon to come in, I took a first look at the Nexomon Nexopedia (their version of a Pokedex). You can watch the video with my commentary below:

What we know so far:

I haven’t really delved into the game mechanics, so this is only surface-level information.

You can equip cores to increase your Nexomon’s stats.

Nexomon have a hidden “happiness” stat that grants additional experience when maxed out.

There are numerous status effects, some of which are rather debilitating.

There are Cosmic Nexomon (shiny), and the odds of finding one get better as you observe and capture more Nexomon.

There are nine types: Water, Fire, Plant, Mineral, Wind, Electric, Normal, Ghost, and Psychic.

The game uses a stamina mechanic in battle – if your stamina gets too low then your moves will fail!

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