Granblue Fantasy: Versus Release Date Trailer & RPG Mode

A Japanese trailer has just released announcing the single player story features and release date of Granblue Fantasy: Versus. The fighting game developed by Arc System Works looks like a much refined take on the similar concept in Dragon Ball FighterZ: A faithful take on the source material with casual play systems to ease in the fan base. The boss battles and co-op features shown off in the trailer are called “RPG Mode”, and are described over at the game’s website.

GBVS introduces a brand new story featuring your favorite Granblue Fantasy characters. Chaos has befallen the Sky Realm, leaving Gran with no choice but to fight against his former allies. In order for him to identify the source of the growing havoc and save his comrades, the airship Grandcypher takes flight once again into uncharted skies.

Enhance your characters using a comprehensive system similar to that of Granblue Fantasy. By equipping different weapons and skills, the strategic possibilities are endless!

Select up to two unique skills from a wide array of options, ranging from healing to debuffing, and use them to turn the tides of battle.

The weapon skin feature allows you to apply the appearance of certain weapons to others, even in Versus mode!

Battle against monsters and primal beasts during the quests you tackle on your journey! Quest battles can be played with a partner, either locally or online. Alternatively, fight alongside a CPU ally to experience the fun of joint battles!

Slash through waves of monsters! You can even enlist the help of the characters you’ve upgraded in RPG Mode.Fight against colossal primal beasts in special boss battles, and experience a whole new level of difficulty and excitement!

You’ll  notice the traditional fighting game UI is swapped for something much more akin to Castlevania for the RPG gameplay. It’s a large step up from the team customization of Dragon Ball FighterZ, and possibly more varied than Towers of Time in Mortal Kombat 11. Whatever the case, Granblue Fantasy Versus launches on February 6th, 2020. The website has been updated with a number of tidbits and small screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

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