It’s Official: Riot Games is working on a Fighting Game

At EVO 2019 Day 1, we got some news: Radiant Entertainment is producing a fighting game for Riot Games. It’s been 3 years since the studio put itself on the map and subsequently got acquired by Riot, and this is the first we hear of their joint venture.

It all starts with a small project named Rising Thunder. The robotic fighting game developed by Seth Killian’s independent Radiant Entertainment captivated onlookers for ditching special inputs and using a MOBA-like input system: Press a button, do a special move. You’ll even have it put on a cooldown, and it’s all so more much familiar to newcomers from other genres. Such ideas have been implemented in the upcoming Granblue Fantasy Versus by Arc System Works, and a small following was built around the technical tests ran for the game during its development. Suddenly, Radiant Entertainment was bought out by Riot Games, and they’d go silent for 3 years.

Rising Thunder at the Foundry - Grand Finals: PG.Ryan Ramirez (Chel) vs Minato (Edge)

Commentators let it slip on stream and Tom Cannon later confirmed: Riot Games is working on a fighting game through Radiant. Do we know anything else? Not at all, but the announcement of Radiant being acquired by Riot also said goodbye to Rising Thunder. Would a fighting game based on their massively popular League of Legends franchise work? Possibly, but it’s likely they spin into original territory. After all, it’s Riot “Games” now.

We’ll be updating as soon as we hear more. It’s likely an announcement will be made at EVO, towards the Sunday final games.

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