Modern Warfare Multiplayer: Beta Dates & Crossplay Details

Infinity Ward’s reboot of Modern Warfare is not shying away from traditional multiplayer. But to truly keep up with the massive multiplayer games of today, they’re all in on crossplay.  At the Multiplayer Reveal event, they described matchmaking and gave out dates for the crossplay-enabled beta tests.  This is true crossplay: While Sony has bought into getting an early date, you’ll be able to play with your friends on PS4, PC and Xbox One simultaneously. Here are your beta dates:

  • PlayStation 4 only: Pre-order exclusive beta runs September 12-13, open beta through 14-16.
  • PC, PS4 and Xbox One: Pre-order exclusive beta runs September 19-20, open beta through 21-23. This second beta is crossplay enabled for all platforms.

Grouping PC players with console players will be handled similarly to Fortnite: Input-based matchmaking. Early on in the mainstream adoption of crossplay players were concerned about the advantages of keyboards and mice against controllers. Fret not, as you’ll have to opt in to a mixed lobby if you wish to enter crossplay with your key-mashing buddies. Infinity Ward stresses that picking your control method is a lock-in, and you won’t be able to swap once in a game. Everything seems to be handled correctly for this year’s Call of Duty, but will this true crossplay make a lasting impact in the industry?

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