MCC: Forge & Theater delayed on PC and more

Developer 343 Industries has published another Master Chief Collection development update. In June’s update, they discuss a number of content creation topics such as file transfers and Forge, Theater being delayed for the PC release. There’s also a bit of information how the Seasons will work in terms of unlocking content across the different games. Here are the most important details:

Migrate your old file shares, mostly

343 will offer a way to one-time transfer data from your old file shares in any of the support Halo games. So if you have any old Forge maps you spent a lot of time on or special game types, you’ll be able to move them over.

In the future, we will be doing a one-time copy of both the maps and game types that you have uploaded to your file share so that we can begin preparing them for future implementation in MCC. This copy will occur for every Xbox Live account with maps and modes on its file share – content saved locally will NOT be transferred.

This won’t, however, apply to screenshots and films.

After extensively exploring copying screenshots and videos, we were unable to find a workable solution to copy and migrate them to the new system – so unfortunately Screenshots, Film Clips, and Films will not be transferred to MCC during this process.

Forge and Theater are not coming to PC at launch

It’s inevitably a little disappointing to hear but Forge and Theater will need more time:

We’re investigating what the best solution is for both Forge and Theater on PC. We know that to create a true PC first experience for both where it’s full mouse and keyboard support is an undetermined amount of work at this point. And we haven’t done a deep enough dive to determine how much work it truly is due to the priority of getting the main game up and ready. What we suspect, is it’s a very lengthy amount of time.

Of course, Master Chief Collection takes a more universal approach to content and will definitely need to be ready for entry’s version of these modes. Mouse and Keyboard support for the finicky placement tools in Forge will definitely make things easier. In closing, 343 mentioned something as of yet not ready to be announced. After mentioning they have some old Xbox devkits on hand and are looking into sprucing up the Halo: Combat Evolved, they said this:

Umm, also we do, well, I don’t want to publish this right now but, but we also have <ONI REDACTED> working on <ONI REDACTED> so when we’re ready to announce that, we will, but I don’t want to put that in this blog.

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