Report: Blizzard cancels StarCraft FPS

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier has dropped yet another bomb: Blizzard has reportedly scrapped a StarCraft FPS project in favor of pushing ahead Diablo 4 and a sequel to Overwatch.

Codenamed Ares, sources to Kotaku describe the game as a “Battlefield” style FPS and note that development was slow however nobody expected the project to get cancelled so suddenly. Prototypes were described as Terran marines pitted against Zergs and it was reportedly based on the engine being developed currently for Overwatch.

What Blizzard plans to do instead is push ahead with Diablo 4 that has been stalled in development and resulted in Rise of the NecroMancer DLC following the project being broken up under the codename Hades. The report also goes into detail about an Overwatch 2 being made with heavy PvE elements and has been likened to Left 4 Dead (given the amount of bot-smashing in our current Overwatch events, this makes sense).

I’m not convinced this isn’t yet another Blizzard blunder that the company is making itself known for as we hear about what goes on in inside. Not everything can make it out, but there were no expectations of a sequel to content-starved Overwatch. Diablo 4 on the other hand feels like it should have come sooner, and while Diablo 3 is now 17 seasons in we can only guess what approach will be taken in this iteration of the development. Let’s just hope that StarCraft game doesn’t get shelved forever, or is this another Ghost?


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