Destiny 2: Cross-Progression, F2P and STADIA

The biggest moves so far out of Bungie with Destiny 2 in their own hands have come today: Destiny 2 is receiving the standalone Shadowkeep expansion on September 17th and will bring with it a free to play version: Destiny 2: New Light is bringing all Year 1 content for free which would include Curse of Osiris and Warmind. We know that Shadowkeep is taking players back to the Moon for the setting of its expansion and will NOT require any of the previous expansions to hop right into play.

A big step forward for the online shooter is the introduction of cross-progression across all platforms, including PS4 as confirmed by Bungie separately. The details were announced at Google’s Stadia Connect event in the leadup to E3. This is all on top of the announcement that Destiny 2 itself will be making its way to the Stadia cloud streaming platform.

Could we see Destiny 2 continue as a much bigger project under Bungie? It was easy to suppose the game would be phased out in favor of a new project, but we know now that Destiny 2 is also coming to Steam so we can expect a long-lasting playerbase.

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