Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid League announced for 2020

It’s Morphin’ Time! nWay Games announced the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid League today for 6 stops at US-based Fighting Game majors in 2020. The league will include local sanctioned events at smaller stops and online points with leaderboard and tournament standings weighing in. Here’s the official tournament description:

The Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid League (“PRBFTG League” or “League”) is comprised of competitive esports gaming tournaments, featuring Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, the popular fighting game developed by nWay.


The PRBFTG League consists of both online and offline tournaments where players compete to win Grid Points, which are tracked on a leaderboard to determine the rankings of players in the League. Additionally, there will be six major stops where the top three finishers will be gain a substantial amount of Grid Points. Furthermore, players can score additional points through our in-game feature, Episodes.


After all the sanctioned tournaments have occurred, the 7 highest ranked players from the leaderboard will be qualified to participate in the year end PRBFTG finale at Evolution 2020. Prior to the finale, there will be a last chance qualifier tournament to secure the eighth spot for the finale.

The tournament will make 6 stops at major tournaments prior to EVO 2020: Frosty Faustings, Final Round, NorCal Regionals, April Annihilation, Combo Breaker and finally CEO Fighting Game Championships.

Even more than that, local sanctioned events will be authorized during the League and online tournaments will begin in February. The in-game timed Episode leaderboards will be critical to securing Grid Points over time, since every 4 weeks the leaderboard resets with fresh chances to earn extra points. It all comes down to a return to EVO in 2020. Check out the official Tournament Schedule below:

Month Tournament Schedule
January 2020 Open Sanction Applications to public
Frosty Faustings (January 17-18, Chicago)
February 2020 Online Tournaments Begin
Offline Sanctioned Tournaments Begin
March 2020 Final Round (March 20-22, Atlanta)
April 2020 NorCal Regionals (April, 10-12, San Jose)
April Annihilation (April 10-12, New Jersey)
May 2020 ComboBreaker (May 23-25, Chicago)
June 2020 CEO (June 26-28, Orlando)
July 2020 Last Sanctioned Tournaments End July 11
August 2020 Evo (July 31 – August 1, Las Vegas)

For full tournament rules, visit the official Battle for the Grid website. To check out tournaments near you or volunteer for sanctioned events, browse the smash.gg league listing. More information will be available over time at the official Battle for the Grid twitter account.


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