Black Ops Zombies servers down on Steam (updated)

Update: Players are reporting that the Zombies servers have been restored and the game is working as intended. Original story below.

Last week redditors started spreading that the Steam servers for the Zombies mode on the original Call of Duty: Black Ops were mysteriously offline. Activision had initially let us know they were investigating the issue on Twitter. It’s been about a week and the community has begun to review bomb the Steam store page.

This review left by a user sums it up nicely:

Online servers shut down without any type of warning, yet asking $40 for the game plus another $15 for the DLCs. Very scummy, Treyarch/Activision.

This issue can only affect the Zombies mode as those servers are officially hosted by Activision. Multiplayer servers on Black Ops for PC are community run nowadays. Right now the game throws an error screen at PC users trying to play.

Currently the game directs users to the server status page for all Call of Duty games which does not list the original Black Ops at all. It’s been a long time running for the series on Steam where you can find matches years after release. While Activision hasn’t said anything about dropping support, we’re still pending an official fix or otherwise.

Check out a clip of the issue below.

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